Do you believe the Holy Spirit was sent as the Helper to guide us into all TRUTH?

Do you believe the Holy Spirit was sent as the Helper to guide us into all TRUTH!  John 16:13 does.  “But when, He, the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all the Truth (the whole, full Truth)”!

The Word given in John 14:6 confirms that the Holy Spirit and Jesus are both the Truth, so they are One!  Jesus said He Himself is “…the Way and the Truth and the Life”

Jesus told His disciples before He departed into heaven - after His death, burial, and resurrection - that He still had so much He wanted to share with them, but they were not yet ready for it.  Then, He told them the Holy Spirit would continue revealing things to them as they became ready to receive them.  This is the same way the Helper works in our lives today. He gently guides and works with us, showing us what we can handle through each season of our lives.

Truth is wonderful and sets us free.  Reflecting on three hurricanes - whose names begin with the letter “F”- that brought destruction to our state stirs memories when truth was tested after the storm. The claim adjustor (helper) sent to Tim’s office from Texas spent months in Clinton helping people and sorting out truthful and false claims.  Sitting in my son’s home two decades later waiting out slow moving Florence, we talked about damages to people’s properties. The thought of suggesting he claim something not truthfully covered stirred inside, but The Truth kicked in - like the generator on Cameron’s carport when we lost power - with guidance and a sickening - gut wrenching feeling that brought conviction to my heart!  Cameron read my mind and made his momma proud with words of truth that showed The Helper was alive and well inside his heart.

There is wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb and Truth of the Spirit!  Thinking of all the little and Big sinful things people justify that grieves the Spirit and halts The Helper’s nudging causes one to wonder what God would say to His children in a State of the World address!  The Truth surely convicts hearts of Christian leaders and followers who have silently watched while God has slowly been deleted from places where He once provided a hedge of protection.  Yet, The Truth prevails in remnants God is raising up all over His Creation to keep His Word, His Son’s ways, and His Helper’s Truth alive and well…’for such a time as this”!

This story stirred inside as the storm’s fury still stirred outside the open windows providing relief from the heat. My wrongful thinking was quickly checked by The Truth living within. Speaking and doing things truthfully truly sets us free from skeletons that can lurk in closets and sinful ways and untruths that can callous hearts!  I confessed to Cameron sitting on his couch of past untruths that popped up in my mind, like telling my young sons, growing up in a Christian home, to tell someone that I wasn’t home when I was too busy or did not desire to talk on the phone, that it was ok to leave our shopping cart in a vacant parking place instead of pushing it where it belonged, and other personal untruths which have been repented for, forgiven, even forgotten by God - Father - and Holy Spirit!   Daily cleaning our hearts with close connection to The Vine provides a healthy, happy home for The Helper to guide, thrive, and take us to levels of serving Jesus and living out loud in love we never imagined possible. God’s peace, protection, and provision shine in lives where Truth, faith, and love prevail! 

Cameron’s grin told me he knew exactly what I was thinking and said words that made my heart smile. “Momma, that’s not gonna happen because I couldn’t sleep if I was not truthful.”

The Holy Spirit can bring us into a great deal of truth for it is His way of bringing us into wholeness.  Most of the time we live in an unreal world we develop to protect ourselves.  When we have difficulties in our own lives, we easily blame them on other people or our circumstances.

When facing the approaching fury of Hurricane Florence without Tim or James by my side aroused anxious pity, the (Truth) Helper came to my rescue.  Instead of sitting on my laurels and sadly stewing over my circumstances, I rose up with rigor and rest assured The Helper would provide guidance and guts to go through the storm.  Truthfully facing my fears days before the storm hit, I did everything I could possibly handle to prepare.  Then, I waited and watched as God sent people with helping hands and loving hearts to provide and meet every need I had wondered about in the middle of long, lonely nights. I realized how changing my attitude of grief to one of gratitude gave God an open door to bless me beyond what I ever thought possible throughout storms that continue to change the plot of my love story. 

What about you?  Have you become bitter over storms that changed circumstances and took away your sunshine? Have difficulties destroyed dreams and sent you to a pitiful place - with hardened heart - where people don’t know what to do with you and The Helper’s guidance and God’s blessings are blocked? 

March storms can be twisting tornados causing catastrophic changes like unto September hurricanes. Choices to truthfully deal with storms that threaten to destroy happiness within hearts, homes, government, churches, schools, and a never ending list is crucial! Being untruthful with ourselves and others through sunshine or stormy seasons is a dangerous way to live!

The time is nigh for we, the people of God’s world, who have been hurt, hindered, or halted by heartaches and untruths from the devil, to stand up for Jesus as soldiers of the cross, live out loud in love by The Spirit of Truth, and let our little lights shine for all the world to see … God is great, God is good, and His truth will set us free with provisions and protection from Thee.  So, let it be, let it be… happiness here and forever with the Spirit of Truth living in you and me!