"Tim's Gift has been a blessing to me
and my husband, helping us with supplies,
and visits and prayers."

"Giving Help & Hope to Those in Need"






Always Going On: 

Jesus Dollars

Tab Ministry


Living Free  A group meeting every 2nd & 4th Tuesday for families living with addictions. 6pm

Pizza & Prayer  Tim's Gift and Dominoes are partnering to feed 2 families each week. We will give Dominoes two names weekly and they will deliver a pizza to each family.

Medical Supply and Equipment Donation If you have anything you are no longer using we would love to have them. We donate them back out to people who may need medical supplies and equipment that insurance does not cover.

Rise Up - Rejoice!

Thank you to all who attended Rise Up this year! A huge thank you goes to all volunteers and guests who devoted time to make this possible.


To provide medical supplies and equipment for those in need, and provide financial assistance for medical bills not covered by insurance, making a positive difference in our community. 

To improve the quality of life and meet the more obscure financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of cancer patients, hospice patients, and their families.  


Tuesday Prayer

Card Ministry

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Every Tuesday morning 7:30-8:30


Golf Tournament

tea party


Do you believe in what we do? Would you like to support Tim's Gift? Here is how you can help.

  1. Donate financially

  2. Donate medical supplies and equipment

  3. Collect Jesus Dollars

  4. Tell others about us

  5. Be a 50/50 partner

  6. Be a sponsor

Prayer Circle Reminder: Join us at Tim's Gift every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30am for intercessory prayer. Call or stop by with prayer requests.


The mission of Tim's Gift is to provide items and care that will bring comfort to hospice and cancer patients. Tim's Gift will provide the financial means to obtain medical and non-medical items, not covered by insurance or Medicare, that bring physical and emotional comfort to the patient and family. Tim's Gift also provides ministry teams to meet spiritual needs of the patient and family with a strong desire and conviction to reach out to widows and children.


The vision of Tim's Gift is to improve the quality of life and to meet the more obscure financial, emotional, and spiritual needs of hospice patients, cancer patients, and their families.

Tim's Gift, Inc. is now expanding with outreach to all that are in need, not confined only to cancer patients, and are considered on a case by case basis.