The Hope Project

The Hope Project is a new initiative launched by Tim’s Gift, Inc. to provide assistance to members of our community.  Tim’s Gift, Inc. works to provide Help & Hope to our community through various avenues of service physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Hope Project aligns with the vision of Tim’s Gift by giving financial Help and Hope to those in need. 

What's it all about?

The Hope Project is an addition to the programs offered to our community through Tim’s Gift, Inc. The Hope Project, in essence, is a financial assistance fund directed to help cancer patients pay prescription drug and treatment copays.


  • Sampson County has a higher cancer rate than peer counties, the state average, and the U.S. average

  • 2011 projected cancer rates show 358 NEW cancer cases in Sampson County alone for the year

  • Average per capita income for Sampson County is approximately $25,000 – this is lower than our peer counties and the state average

  • Sampson County’s rate of those classified as economically disadvantaged is higher than both our peer counties and the state average

  • The % estimate of uninsured ages 18-64 has been on a downward trend for Sampson county since 2004 while the state trend has been increasing

  • In 1996 treatment for advanced colorectal cancer cost $500.00 with a life expectancy of 11 months.  Today the life expectance has increased to 24 months at a treatment cost of approximately $250,000.00

  • In 2006 the average cost of cancer drugs was $1,600.00 a month – this has been rising since.

  • As costs for health insurance continue to rise, plans with higher copays and deductibles are more prominent – resulting in higher shared cost of service for individuals.

·          All statistics received from U.S. Census and Department of Health

Help & Hope

The Hope Project is administered by Tim’s Gift, Inc. to help lift the financial burden of cancer patients by providing financial assistance to cancer patients. Qualifying individuals may receive assistance to help pay their copay for prescriptions and treatments.  The financial assistance awarded will be directed to the service provider and/or pharmacy providing the prescription or treatment.  In effect, this will help relieve some of the mounting medical bills that pile upon increased out of pocket costs (such as travel, meals, inability to work) that most all cancer patients face.


Join with us in this initiative!

 Please contact us for more information on how you can be a part of advancing hope in our community!