Who We Are


Tim’s Gift, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation registered in North Carolina.  The organization consists of a Board of Directors that include local businessmen and women, including those with expertise in areas needed to further the vision and mission of Tim’s Gift. We are managed by a director that is accountable to the board.



Tim’s Gift is funded through private donations and grants.  The donations come in the form of finances, and as medical equipment and other relative products or services.  All donations are used in ways that promote and support the vision of Tim’s Gift.


Services & Operations

Tim’s Gift is equipped to meet temporary medical needs for hospice and cancer patients by delivering various medical items.  We do have an application process to determine each need and equipment availability.  Tim’s Gift makes an effort to stock disposable medical items and non-disposable medical items to help qualifying patients.

Tim’s Gift also offers emotional and spiritual support.  During the various seasons of the year non-medical items such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc., may be provided to clients as those items are donated or available.  There is also a prayer team that is available for the spiritual support of the patient and their family.

Contact Tim's Gift


Tim's Gift, Inc.
108 Northeast Blvd.
Clinton, NC 28328

(910) 592-1126

Office Hours:
M-W, 9-4

Office Staff:
Becky Spell
Diane Lough
Jennifer Brewer

Board Members:
Becky Spell - President
Cliff Ireland
Cameron Spell
Patty Cherry
Billy Smith
J. A. Reeves
Dwight Spell
Lew Starling
Eleanore Bradshaw
Barbara Bryan
Bobby Spell

"Thank you to our community sponsors and supporters who donate to Tim's Gift, which enables us to keep giving help and hope here at home."
Tim's Gift Board of Directors.