We will continue collecting "J" and “K” dollars!


Thank you to all who participate in the Jesus Dollar Drive. A special thanks goes to Wanda Ellis for bringing Tim's Gift our first 'J' dollar in 2016 and explained what it was. With this $1 we were able to start this fun, exciting fundraiser. Throughout the year (mid Mar-Dec) we collected 2,415 'J' dollars from supporters all around. What is a Jesus Dollar? A Jesus Dollar, “J,” is a $1 bill With a J in the first digit of the serial number and a J in the seal beside the presidents face.


The 2016 Jesus Dollar Drive was such a success we have decided to continue the excitement.. In 2017 we began collecting King of Kings dollars, $1 bills with a K on them. Help share the word and check your pockets for K dollars. Drop them off or mail them to Tim's Gift, 108 NE Blvd, Clinton, NC 28328. One winner will be drawn from those who have turned in King of Kings dollars each month for a free Domino's pizza.

How did King of Kings dollar come about?
After Christmas, we were discussing the joy Jesus dollars created and whether we should continue it in 2017. During Tuesday morning prayer, a friend of Tim's Gift who was our 2nd place winner for the year, came in to bring more Jesus dollars. He enjoyed collecting them so much he asked if we were continuing the drive. We had thought about collecting a different letter on the dollar but did not know which letter. The man pulled out 2 dollars from  his pocket, one had an 'A' and the other a 'K.' He said Angel dollars, Ms Becky said King of Kings dollars. We were still undecided what letter we would use when one week later Mr. Ronnie came in with 58 King of Kings dollars. We decided that was a sign and K dollars is what it will be! 

Mrs. Jean-Wray Cannady Gives Ms. Becky a Jesus dollar during her shopping trip at Belk.

Mrs. Jean-Wray Cannady Gives Ms. Becky a Jesus dollar during her shopping trip at Belk.


A Jesus dollar has a J as the first letter in the serial number which is to the left and right of the President's picture. There is also a J in the seal on the left as shown in the photo above.

Click here for our address so you can send us Jesus dollars!


Thanks to Wanda Ellis, Tim's Gift has received its first Jesus dollar. She explained to us what a a Jesus dollar was. She also explained that the lady who told her about it had their fellowship building funded by Jesus dollars.

Mrs. Becky and I were talking about it one morning; I looked at the one dollar I had in my pocket and to our surprise I had a Jesus dollar! I had never seen one or heard of a Jesus dollar, and there it was; I had one in my own pocket. Written across the top was "PEACE... more than enough income." We knew it was a sign, so we decided to use our 2 Jesus dollars to do something good and encourage others to be a part of our vision...inspired by Wanda, my Jesus dollar with message about peace being more important than money, and need for enclosed storage space here at TIm's Gift.

Ann Matthews brings jesus dollars to tim's gift.

Ann Matthews brings jesus dollars to tim's gift.

At the end of each month we will post the number of Jesus dollars given to Tim's Gift. We will put the names of the people who donated the dollars in a hat for a drawing. Each month's winner will receive a Domino's pizza.

The Jesus Dollar Drive has begun at Tim's Gift. Check your money daily. If you have a one dollar bill with a K on it, drop it off at Tim's Gift or mail it to us at 108 NE Blvd. Clinton NC 28328.  Who will be the next to add their name and donate a King of Kings Dollar? 


The J Dollars donated in 2016 were used to help build more storage space for the medical equipment donated to and given to people in need here at Tim's Gift!  The K Dollars donated in 2017 will go to The Hope Project Fund.  The money in this fund helps people with medical expenses and emergencies.  An example of this happened in October when Hurricane Matthew hit eastern North Carolina and left people in need of help in a hurry.  We gave monetary help (ranging from $100 to $700) per family to 18 families with funds from The Hope Project that are generated through our Hope Project Golf Tournament.  The K Dollars will help to build up The Hope Project Fund so we will be prepared to help people in need when other such situations arise.


Thank you for caring, sharing, and giving dollars with a J for Jesus and K for King of kings,

Becky, Jennifer, and Diane