Do you know God intimately? ,,,

Do you know God intimately?  This story stirred in my heart while a storm stirred off the coast of our state and I reflected on truths in Joyce Myer’s book about knowing God intimately. Weather forecasters seemed certain the category four storm would hit the Carolina coast as I scanned chapters and prayed the direct hit of the storm’s fury would hit another shore.  

With fingers resting on the dedication page of Joyce’s book, conviction of my selfish prayer consumed. Knowing God was tugging, I whispered another prayer asking Him to change the course of the storm and send it out to sea.  Then, I settled down on daybed with book in hand and hopeful waiting that the storm would pass us by and believing people would grow closer to Christ across the planet God created and satan craves to control.

Joyce’s words humbly, yet boldly shared her closeness to Christ, “This book is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, who leads and guides me and who is ever teaching me how to grow spiritually and dwell in the presence of God”!

The chapter that sparked this message was dogeared and waiting for me to write a Valentine story about its central theme:  Put Love First!  When February Fridays were already filled, writing this story would wait until next year; so, I thought!   Then, another dismal weather forecast followed a storm of negative news blasting hatred and hatefulness of God’s children from sea to shining sea in the land founded on Christian principles with God as our cornerstone. And I knew this story is meant to be shared now - ‘for such a time as this’ - when all His children need to know God intimately.

Turning the page to Table of Contents to find the chapter about Putting Love First changed the course of this story just as I believe God can change the course of the storm headed to our shore.  Taking breaks while writing gives time to listen and hear His promptings that help me share the story He sends.  Those who read with raised eyebrows - who might  have grown distant from God - can doubt or cast stones, while  readers who know God intimately can embrace and understand the meaning of His messages sent to us in many ways: church services, fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters, embracing our calling, time in prayer, reflection and relaxation in the beauty of His Creation, and stories inspired by HIs Helper who loves and lives within.

Sharing the titles of Joyce’s chapters can bring reflections and reasons for each of us to crave knowing God intimately.  Read them and take time to think of your own relationship with the Lord and your loved ones. Mrs. Myers who loves telling His stories and teaching His Word, shares four levels of Intimacy with God after an introductory question that should fuel our faith: “Is There More?”   Is there more in life that you feel you are missing?  Is there more in life that you feel God is calling you to do?  Is there more in life that can bring you joy here and happiness in eternity where God will be?  Is there more in life that you have rejected, disbelief that can destroy relationships and intimacy with the Lord and loved ones and send you to hell for eternity where God will not be?  These titles can spark your own stories to color your world with love and draw you closer to Christ and His children.

Intimacy Level 1   -  Something Seems to Be Missing; Yes, There Is More!; The Home of God; and Live under the New Covenant”.

Intimacy Level 2:  “Not by MIght, Nor by Power, but by My Spirit”; THe Divine Helper; THe Seven Spirits of GOd, The Supernatural Realm, Receiving the FUllness of the HOly Spirit”.

Intimacy Level 3:  “Ever Be Filled” with the Holy Spirit; Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit; Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit; The Gifts of the Spirit.

Intimacy Level 4:  God’s Everlasting Fruit            

Gifts for Everyone; The Baptism of Fire; The Communion of the Spirit; The Wonder of It All!

Hopefully, this story has sparked seeds of Holy Spirit intimacy and revival that will sprout and spread like wildfire across America and throughout God’s Creation.

May we, the children He created - red and yellow black or white - rich or poor -  denomination or non denomination, seasoned or baby Christians, Jew  or Gentile - embrace a close relationship with Jesus Christ and give glory and honor to God who is great and good!

May people recognize that we are Christians by our loving attitudes toward them.  Then, they will understand our intimacy with God as we enjoy life and write the love stories He sends!