What does God see in our hearts?...

What does God see in our hearts?  Would we be pleased if people could see all that lurks within our hearts? Sincerity of Heart stirs strongly ‘for such a time as this’ when our planet is plagued with   scandalous situations and perplexing people!  Watching nightly news and dealing with everyday life at work and play surely cause concern for children throughout His creation.

What is stirring within people’s hearts?  Who is sincerely seeking what is right and good for mankind? Who among us leads lives of integrity with sincerity reigning and our Savior shining? Discouragement and disillusion spread like wildfire in a world where people’s hearts have become calloused and corrupt! Yet, as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we must nurture sincerity within hearts and stand firm for Christian principles. The focus within our hearts where only God sees and our way of living and doing business that man sees must be sincerely rooted in Christian principles if we hope to make a difference here and live eternally in Heaven.  So, what does God see in your heart, in mine?

“The Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  1 Samuel 16:7

There are believers who quietly do the Lord’s work without fanfare or attention. They may never discuss their faith, but our spirit tells us that something about them is different.  They do not become entangled in situations where integrity and sincerely standing for what is right and good in God’s sight is questionable.  Yet, their quietness can cause uncertainty in man’s eyes. 

Then, there are those believers who are bold and vocal about Jesus.  They never shy away from bringing Him up, quoting HIs Word in conversations, and praying with people in a skinny minute.   They may not be as approachable and warm as the quiet believer, but we know where they stand on spiritual matters.

God loves all HIs children of faith, red or yellow - black or white, quiet and calm, bold and vocal, leading the pack with loud praise and witnessing to multitudes by quiet example…they are all precious to Him! 

God knows each and every human heart. Some of His children may be soft spoken and lead gently, but that does not mean they have less faith.  Other children may be more vocal and lead people with gusto and grit, but that doesn’t mean they have more faith.  Neither are doing it wrong when there is sincerity in hearts and motives to move people to embrace and enjoy precious, personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Think of preachers and people God puts in your paths to nurture and help meet your needs along life’s journey. They do things differently with the cause of Christ being the central theme in their lives. We can glean, as Ruth did in the fields, and glow, as King David did being a man after God’s own heart, when our lives are enriched by both types of believers.

Are you a more reserved believer who quietly carries out the work of the Lord or a bold, vocal believer who stands up and speaks out for Jesus while following the calling to serve Christ out loud in love?

We are not the judge of people’s hearts or the sincerity of their faith and what they are doing to further the kingdom of God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!  When we feel frustrated with other believers with ‘over the top’ devotion to Jesus or those whose perceived lack of enthusiasm for Jesus  and what He did on the cross for all of us, let us remember only God can see in their hearts!

Embracing a good blend of how we witness, work, and worship as believers can help us reach more people and expand our territories as God did for Jabaz.  The prayer of Jabez showed sincerity in the heart of a simple, quiet man who boldly believed and faithfully asked God to bless, protect, and expand his territories. Does God see our hearts as He did David’s…madly in love with the Lord, yet making mistakes along the way that kept him asking for forgiveness and forging forward in faith, whether quietly in caves or boldy in battle?

Do we pray with that same bold belief that God will hear and help us wherever we are?  Do we praise Him for moving mountains and making a way for us to sweetly, surely, stand up and shine for Him every day?

Now is the time for all of God’s children to quietly or boldly  stand up for Jesus and embrace love for the Lord and loved ones!  We should do it with sincere hearts filled with passion and purpose.  Then, we can praise Him with everything as did King David in Psalm 150.

“Praise the Lord. Praise God in his holy temple. Praise him in his mighty heavens. Praise him for his powerful acts. Praise him because he is greater than anything else.  Praise him by blowing trumpets. Praise him with harps and lyres. Praise him with tambourines and dancing. Praise him with stringed instruments and flutes. Praise him with clashing cymbals. Praise him with clanging cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord”

And all of God’s children say… “Just Do It…AMEN’!