What holiday saying stirs your heart with holiday happiness?

What holiday saying stirs your heart with holiday happiness?  Do you have a special Christmas saying that calms holiday crazies and creates joyful peace as the countdown to celebrating Jesus’ birthday begins?  Holiday music fills my heart with lyrics that keep me singing throughout the year.  From, ‘it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmaseverywhere I go’, ’city sidewalks, busy sidewalks dressed in holiday style - in the air there’s a feeling of Christmas’, ‘O come, let us adore Him - Christ the Lord’, ‘Joy to the world, the Lord has come…let every heart prepare him room’, we choose to seek Christ or commercialism. ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - sweetest name I know’ created quite enough love to massage calloused hearts and cause the world to sing in perfect harmony. Celebrating Christ the King or commercialism is a personal choice each of God’s children must make. Stay grounded in God’s grace and enjoy a simple, sweet, Christ centered season!  When powerful Christmas lyrics and sayings pour from our mouths, a contagious spirit of love fills hearts and homes every day of the year.

‘Mary, did you know…?’ is recorded in my heart as a favorite. Surely, it’s one of your favorites too! The song tells the story of a loving, lovely lass God chose to be the mother of His only begotten Son!? Can you imagine the faith Mary mustered up at a young age to stand strong against irate accusers ready to stone her for adultery. Knowing she heard from God, Mary did not know how it would all work out but trusted and obeyed. She must have embraced her own special sayings through seasons of visiting Elizabeth, seeing Joseph’s faith shine, nine months of carrying the Holy Child and feeling him kick inside her body, giving birth and placing baby Jesus in a manger, fleeing to Egypt, watching Jesus grow up with Joseph teaching him to be a master carpenter, leaving Him in the temple, hearing him preach and perform miracles, watching Pharisees and persecutors put Jesus on trial, torment Him, tell King Herod to take Jesus’ life and free Barabbas, and walking to Calvary with cheering crowds mocking the Master - her sweet baby Jesus - the ultimate sacrifice - the Savior - the Son of God who gave His life for you and me.  Mary did know that God gave her an awesome assignment. She stayed true to her calling and stood by Jesus from cradle to cross!  

‘Joy to the world, the Lord has come…let every heart - prepare him room - and heaven and nature sing’ is another favorite that reminds us to prepare room in our hearts for Jesus to come in and live, to guide, to give peace and promise as our Savior, to be our Best Friend every day…not just Christmas.  Are you enjoying the peace and promise that comes when Jesus feels right at home in your heart?  If not, seek Him as the Wise Men did, give Him your heart, get a satisfied mind and sweet Spirit that will keep you company through sunshine and sorrow, and enjoy everyday life living for Jesus and sharing His love. 

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  Embrace every gift He sends (many we take for granted - air, water, healing, happiness, family, friends, working body parts, joy, peace, hope, and the greatest of all…LOVE, extend hospitality and happiness wherever He leads, live excitedly and expectantly with an eagerness to give Jesus your best at Christmas and every day of the year, and look for His return in the eastern sky…for the time is nigh!  What a gift we get to open every day - ‘for such a time as this’ when signs are fulfilled and Jesus could come to call us Home…soon and very soon - ‘morning, night, or noon’!

Give yourself the gift of a satisfied mind and happy heart…’love Him first, love one another, love your neighbor as yourself’, honor Jesus every which way…and you’ll 'have yourself a Merry little Christmas Day'!