Do you believe each of us has a tremendous part to play in taking a stand for America?

Do you believe each of us has a tremendous part to play in taking a stand for America? One by one, could we make a difference by being Good Samaritans and sharing the love of Christ in the country we call home sweet home? I believe that and so do two ‘Good Samaritan’ gentlemen (one I have never met; the other is a prayer partner and volunteer at Tim’s Gift) who love the Lord and enjoy doing acts of kindness wherever they go.

Mike began frequenting prayer meetings on Tuesday mornings after stopping for tacos and curiosity getting the best of him. He read the sign - ‘Tim’s Gift’ - Giving Help and Hope - and entered one morning in 2016 to inquire what we did. Jennifer shared our mission of giving medical supplies, recycling medical equipment, helping with financial needs due to medical situations, and greatest of all - praying with people! Thus, a dear friend, prayer partner, volunteer, and avid supporter of Tim’s Gift was on board. Mike is a veteran who served our country for four decades in several capacities. Recently retired, Mike sought out a rural homestead and settled in Sampson County where he, his wife, and three children reside. HIs loyal participating in prayer, helping Jennifer, Diane, and myself with odd and end jobs or technology needs, and willingness to give a helping hand to people in need who come to Tim’s Gift has given him the honor of being our Good Samaritan. His love for God, country, and family are evident in the way he lives. He doesn’t just talk the talk; Mike truly walks the walk.

Last winter, a homeless man from out of state, trying to get a fresh start in Sampson County, came to Tim’s Gift. Mike was seated at the prayer table and offered to help “get the man out of the ditch and supply his needs” when he heard his story. For three months we worked together to help the man. Sadly, his attire brought raised eyebrows wherever he went, even while visiting four different local churches. One day, I called the gentleman to tell him to head downtown to a men’s clothing store and ask for the manager. He asked, “why”?

I told him a Good Samaritan wanted to bless him with new clothes. Late that afternoon, the gentleman pulled in Tim’s Gift parking lot riding the bike we gave him and looking like a million dollars. This man trying to make a new start came to Tuesdaymorning prayer every week. Mrs. Patty Cherry had told him over and over during those prayer meetings the importance of dressing with dignity. We gave him Tim’s Gift t shirts, food, encouragement, tools to do yard work. Mike gave him work to do and helped him get jobs. While everyone at Tuesday morning prayer encouraged, prayed for, and helped, it was Mike who went the extra mile to make sure the man was okay…just like the Good Samaritan we read about in the Bible.

Recently, during Tuesday morning prayer, we called the names written in our book sharing specific prayers for each of them. One man we prayed for was a patient at Duke Hospital, a friend of Mike’s; yet, he had no idea he was hospitalized. When prayer was finished, Mike asked directions to Duke, since he wasn’t raised in North Carolina and had never been there. He called his wife to tell her he would be home late that afternoon, for he was going to Duke to visit and pray for his friend. Mike’s Good Samaritan ‘on the spot - right when needed - no procrastination’ act of kindness got our attention…and surely got Gods!

Another Good Samaritan I enjoy reading about, and hearing his wife preach the gospel and help people with battlefields in their minds, is Dave Myer. Dave feels he is called to Pray It Forward and help others see the need to help protect our liberties and bring healing to America.

Dave challenges all Americans to honor God through praying and striving to make a positive difference in the direction our nation is headed. His words powerfully put the truth in a nut shell easily understood by people living in America who are willing to Pray It Forward.

“When it comes to praying for our country, 2 Chronicles 7:14 is undoubtedly the most quoted verse in Scripture. The Lord says:

“If my people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

I think it’s important to really pat attention when the Lord uses the words ‘if’ and ‘then’ in His Word. It signals that God is giving us a part to play, and if we do our part, then He will do His part.

Our part includes four specific things to do: Humble ourselves, pray, seek the Lord, and turn from wickedness. When we do, THEN God will do His part - He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins, and heal our land.

I often say the future of ‘America is in the hands of those who act or those who watch. What America will look like tomorrow, next week, next month and next year will be decided by those who engage or those who stand on the sidelines as spectators.

If you love your country and value your freedom the one place you don’t want to be is on the sidelines…and the one person you don’t want to be is the spectator!

With you help and with your diligence, we can protect our liberties. But without your help and your diligence, our liberties will continue to be lost!”

These two American Good Samaritans, one living in Sampson County - the other in St. Louis, understand what is needed to make America great again…putting God first, reaching out to help people in ditches, and living by Jesus’ example. One by one, we each have a tremendous part to play in taking a stand for America.

Dave Myer’s words are the perfect ending for this story stirring in my heart - hopefully yours and many other Americans too.

“As we are faithful to do what we can do, the Lord will be faithful to do what we can’t…and bring healing to our land.”

Mike’s words, at a recent Tuesday prayer meeting, ring in my ears and resonate in my heart, “God is good to us and wants us to be good to Him and His children.”

Now is truly the time for Americans to Rise UP, reach out, and share God’s grace from sea to shining sea!