Do you believe Rising Up and being Revived to enjoy life here while preparing for Heaven is needed in our world?

Do you believe Rising Up and being Revived to enjoy life here while preparing for Heaven is needed in our world?  This story stirs as I fly above the clouds covering Texas and head home to Carolina, where nothing could be finer, as the old song says.  Another song rises up inside, “leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…” reminding me that my destination (home in Clinton) is not assured. 

 Rising Up and being Revived stirs strong as the bumpy ride keeps people buckled up in the friendly skies above our nation.  I think of America and how God must view this land we love.  He sees every heart of  every child He created and longs for a close relationship with each of us. Sadly, many are sinking in sin, far from peaceful lives.

 God is watching and waiting for us to turn our eyes upon Him with repentant, rejoicing hearts.  So, what are we waiting for?  Our last day on earth could come soon.  Another old song resonates while riding high in the sky…’Jesus is coming soon, morning or night or noon. Many will meet their doom…”!

Now is the time to come closer to Christ and be Revived. Writing this story with winds whipping around the plane plays tricks on my mind.  The gentleman in the aisle seat eyes my journal, which leads to a lovely conversation about Christ the solid rock. He seemed troubled as we talked.  I pulled a book from my bag and began reading Randy Alcorn’s writings about Heaven.  The man asked about my faith, then shared a story about his mother’s recent death.  He told about a treasure found when he and his siblings cleaned out the old home place. His parents’ prayer journal (which they were unaware of) was filled with written prayers and messages for their children.  He shared about her funeral where his brother did the eulogy and joked that most of the prayers in their parent’s prayer box. where the journal was kept, were for him.  Do you journal and write prayers for your loved ones?   Sure, we keep things stored in our hearts but holding messages personally penned and prayed over is powerful.