Are you blessed with rich moments and clear guidance from God?

 Are you blessed with rich moments and clear guidance from God?  Confidence on making right decisions as we journey through life, while taking time to bless and be blessed can cloud minds and confuse hearts. Clarity of doing things right and hearing God’s voice is easier when we’re closely connected to the Lord and loved ones. 

Hearing His voice comes easier when the pathway is cleared for that close relationship to flourish. Discernment is hindered when we have sin in our life and strong desires about situations.  Repenting of sins and taking the focus off our desires opens the channel for communication and blessings.

Being patient when the world shouts, ‘hurry’ can be hard to do.  It takes strength to stand still and wait on the Lord.  Yet, when we rush ahead of God, we may miss His will and blessings galore.  Wonder how many rich moments we’ve missed by rushing through seasons when God had great plans for “Thee and we” and family He gave us to love and cherish until death parts us?  Living overextended, offended, and opposing the clear guidance God willingly gives is dangerous.  He is well pleased when we stop the wrong attitudes and actions, look to Him for guidance and intimacy, and listen with discerning ears and tender, obedient hearts.

Powerful, persistent prayers get God’s attention.  The Bible clearly tells us to keep coming to the Lord with our concerns.  When we keep praying, He weeds out confusion until we come to His conclusion about whatever we are praying about.

Searching the scriptures brings answers for every need we have.  The Holy Spirit guides us in the right direction.  Often, we react to situations without taking time to pray and seek guidance from God’s Word and His Holy Spirit.  We want quick answers, but God delights in deepening our relationship with Him. In HIs perfect timing, He answers. While we wait on the Lord, He longs for us to enjoy the intimacy of His presence while seeking His will.  Lyrics from an old hymn give confidence and clarity, “ Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His word. Just to rest upon HIs promise. Just to know “Thus saith the Lord.  I’m so glad I learned to trust Thee. Precious Jesus, Savior, Friend; And I know that Thou are with me, Wilt be with me to the end. Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him, How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er! Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus. O for grace to trust Him more.”

Rich moments of trusting Jesus together, from the time Tim and I fell in love our junior year of high school until he took his last breath here at home, replay in my mind. I stop writing in the wee hours of the night, waiting for clarity on the right ending for this story, listening to the clock tick as my heart pounds in my chest, smiling at family pictures on my bookcase, and focusing on one of Tim and me enjoying time together on our sailboat at Topsail.  Closing my eyes, I wait in silence while pondering things in my heart. 

Tim and I made Rich Moments sailing that still sets my heart on fire. Seeds of sailing were sown when we were dating and dreaming, wishing and hoping, waiting and praying.  God protected our love, guided our steps, and blessed us to write a beautiful love story with two children, two daughters in law, and two grandchildren - the apples of our eyes!  On our 25th wedding anniversary, Tim surprised me with a Hunter sailboat. Oh, the joy we shared sailing the ocean and soaking up intimate times with the Lord and one another.  Thirty three years before our sailboat dream came true, Tim gave me a card with prophetic words of love and a picture of the ocean at dusk, setting sun casting light on the dark waters, silhouette of a sailboat on the horizon, and a person walking alone on the dark shoreline. Taking a break from writing, I spent time in my prayer room tonight, my favorite hangout!  Pondering the ending of this story, sharing Tim’s words from a RICH SEASON when we were so young and yearning to be together forever and ever seemed right.  Sitting on the floor in the middle of my room, I wondered which box on my shelves held the precious card.  Feeling led to scoot closer to the back wall where prayers answered and special cards from people are secured, I gasped when I saw Tim’s card taped to the wall just waiting for me to find where I forgot I put it. Are you with me?

  The joyous passion I felt in 1972 was even more powerful tonight when Iopened the card and read his words of love.  Tim penned the message in a season when we were unsure of our future together and completely trusting God to work all things out.  And He did in HIs perfect timing.  Sharing the precious, personal love letter from Tim will hopefully touch someone’s life who needs to write a love letter and rekindle intimate relationships with loved ones and the Lord.  Paul’s desire for people to be closely connected to Christ and one another is poured out passionately in God’s Word.  Tim and I shared our love passionately through actions and words written in letters, cards, church bulletins, our agendas, even on napkins that surprised us in special places.  May sharing Paul’s and Tim’s words of love encourage you to desire and develop a close relationship with Christ and those HE gave you to love and cherish . Take time to pen precious words to someone you love today.

“Becky, without you - a sail without wind.  Without wind a sail hangs limp. A mast. Motionless, without beauty. With a gust of wind that same sail blooms into a thing of beauty, reaching out to kiss the sky.    Together the wind and sail work perfectly - moving along the surface of the world in search of a better horizon.  But without one, the other is nothing!  Let our love bloom.  You are Sail; I am Wind.  I need you.  There is a greater LOVE to accompany that need.  I love you, Timothy”

Our love bloomed through 32 years of raising two sons, moving four times, teaching school, building two businesses, working in church and community, and enjoying a good life together with God at the helm.  We witnessed the miracle working power of God’s loving Hand of grace through it all.   When we raised our sails and set out to sea for a day of sailing, we looked to the skies with honor and glory to God for keeping HIs promises and answering our prayers.  Today, Tim sails on the better horizon he wrote about in his card and I carry on the legacy of our love and of James’ love…for as long as I shall live.

“Thank you, Lord, for Rich Moments that keep me company… and closely connected to my family, friends, and heavenly Father.  I love you, Becky”